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Who supervises the building process?

Patio Professionals WA employs a full time patio build supervisor, the supervisors’ role is to ensure that your patio is built to the highest standard with a minimum of fuss.

The supervisor will checklist the build at three stages. The first is a detailed site briefing with the installers regarding your new patio.

Second inspection is upon completion of the frame up, the supervisor will complete a detailed checklist. Sheeting will commence if he is satisfied that patio frame is built to the required standard, Third visit is upon the completion of the sheeting the supervisor will debrief with the installers and complete a detailed checklist.

The supervisor will walk you through your new patio and hand over the maintenance package, warranty certificate, and a copy of the checklists.Upon completion of this process the supervisor will hand over the patio to you and we look forward to you recommending our company.

How long does it take to get our new patio?

6 – 8 weeks generally, it can be sooner or longer depending upon the shire and if the patio requires planning permission or just building permission. We will liaise with you every step of the way and keep you informed of the progress of your application.

What about shire approvals?

Patio Professionals WA will take care of everything from start to finish, we have developed strong relationships with shires across the state and ensure that the process is seamless. We will not build any structure without the appropriate permits.

Do we need to provide anything?

The only thing we require is a copy of your site plan, elevation plan and floor plan.

Can I put the posts close to my boundary?

Yes, with the appropriate paperwork that we will take care of with the shire we can put your posts onto the boundary. The design consultant will arrange for the paperwork to be signed by the owners and the neighbours if required.

What if I don’t have a copy of my plans?

That’s fine, just ask the shire for a copy. The owner of the property must sign the appropriate form in order to get a copy.

How close to the boundary can my gutter be?

The building code allows us to build the patio gutter to a minimum of 500mm setback from the boundary.

What is the warranty?

Our workmanship is guaranteed for life. You’re recommendation of our company is of paramount importance to us, we will attend to any issues promptly and without question.

Steel items in a patio have no warranty. ColorBond do not warranty open sided roof applications. The Suntuf polycarbonate sheeting has a lifetime warranty.

We have a factory in Bellevue that we manufacture all our patios at. Nothing is too big an issue, rest assured our service carries on long after the sale is made.

What’s included with my new patio?

We include absolutely everything with your new patio.

Is it a fixed price contract?

The price we quote at the start is a fixed price, no hidden extras along the way.

Is the price the same for different colours?

Yes we offer the full range of Colorbond colours and the price is the same.